Emergency: 4 moves to save moms

Actions speak louder than words. Proverb that often resounds in my head. Translated: do not preach "Magic Mum" if you are a fake. It is not really true but sometimes, because I am human, I cannot even put to good use all that I know that helps to live motherhood with serenity. It's not so bad, otherwise how would I always find new things to pass on ?! 🙂 Often I feel fragile too, judged, alone, undecided, tired. And I throw myself down, I complain, sneaky and then, boom I find the solution! So lately I started to adopt 4 simple steps to rebalance myself remaining authentic, without forcing myself or without being what I am not, like the mother of the year. I'll tell you 4 strategies that work with me. 1- I complain, much and loudly. Do not laugh. I talk so much alone and I mumble, grumble, I curse


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