About me


My name is Anna Laura and I am a professional counselor, specialized in conscious pregnancy and maternity supportI like to think that with the right support, all future mothers can experience pregnancy as a moment of personal growth and then face motherhood with awareness and serenity.

If you are

  • pregnant
  • mum of a newborn

I can do a lot for you. With sweetness and hospitality, I can listen to you, support you, be with you in the 9 months of waiting and share with you the emotions of motherhood. 

Gestation is a special period of great physical changes but also of enormous emotional upheavals. Knowing how to handle these emotions and treasure them is a precious opportunity to connect with the true essence of yourself. The loss caused by a new life can be a source of discomfort. To take care of yourself in pregnancy and not feeling alone in the first months of baby care are positive choices, the possibility that you give yourself to be the woman you really are and the mother you dreams for your baby.

You are in the right place. Together we can find your ideal spell to live motherhood serenely, without giving up being authentic.

How do I know it for sure?

Because I’ve been working with families for years and I’ve recently become a mother too. I was a teenager when my mother gave me a little sister and I saw with my eyes that in addition to the immense joy of waiting, the difficulties of a pregnant woman can be countless.


I immediatly realized that:


  • managing home and work is an heavy task;
  • the partner can’t be overshadowed without unpleasant consequences;
  • it’s complicated organize social life without feeling guilty, especially when others don’t undersant you;
  • knowing how to say “no” and being able to ask for help without feeling inadequate requires a lot of strenght.


And then there are doubts that put you in front of new choices to do at the mercy of intense emotions to manage but that make you feel different. That body that changes, that feeling of being judged if you do not do what others expect. Fears, mood swings and that time that is never enough.

After a few years I saw the responsibilities of my friends who became mothers and then the first customers arrived. I saw them lose the most beautiful time of their lives because of mismanaged emotions, excessive commitments, unnecessary distractions. I offered my help without knowing what I could do for them, but I discovered that listening can do a lot.

Today, it is finally my turn to experience on my skin that what many women who are struggling with motherhood complain about is reality. I touch every single emotion with my hand, happiness, anxious waiting, the love that grows but also the loneliness of not being able to be fully understood for what is felt that is at the same time new, enveloping and immense, so great that sometimes it can overwhelm and seems to require energies that we do not have.

But as a mother and professional counselor I have the skills to make motherhood magical. I work there every day, not without great sacrifice, but I am largely repaid with a full life from which I feel represented.

I understood that every woman has the ability to identify her inner resources to live motherhood with serenity.

So I started to imagine every mother with her Magic Bag full of beautiful things to use in moments of need, to experience motherhood with joy and energy. I discovered how much I love to help those who want to identify these resources, that is their spell to be, not the perfect mother, but the Magic Mum she wants.

I learned empathy, listening, devoting time to talk about without being judged. I understood that I like support women with my job, inviting them to accept and play with this new phase of life.

What a joy when I see my clients leaving behind negative emotions to live th epresent with awareness, projecting towards a brighting future in which children, family and personal aspirations walk side by side with prosperity.


Are you courious? Do you want to know how I help mothers to discover how to be the mum they want to?

Start here



I give you some pages from Magic Mum’s Diary, read them, have fun, try yourself with exercises and discover what to do to be a Magic Mum.  



  • Do you want to live pregnancy as the best period of your life?
  • Would you like to make pregnancy an unforgettable time in which to discover yourself stronger, more self-confident, more capable, more woman and finally mother, without haste, without schemes to follow but following the natural inclinations, following instinct?
  • Do you want to experience motherhood with serenity and awareness, facing changes naturally, without ever feeling lonely?
  • Are you already a mother and you want to find out what’s in your Magic Mum Bag and how to use these tools to the best to become the Magic Mum you dream of being for your baby?
  • Do you need to face the difficulties of the post-partum with an emotional support that does not make you feel alone?


Request the first pages of the Magic Mum’s Diary. You can immediately discover if you are already a Magic Mum or if you need someone to help you find out what’ in your Magic Mum Bag, in order to identify your unique style of motherhood.  

Every mother has her own way to love but we all love from the bottom of our heart. 

Raise your baby with a heart free from anxiety but to love as every child deserves to be loved, with imagination, creativity and a touch of magic, from his unique Magic Mum


My name is Anna Laura Biagini, I graduated in Mass Media Communication at the La Sapienza University of Rome but my prestigious path of study, was not able to help me communicate deeply as I wanted with people, so I attended a Master in Gestalt Counseling with a Pluralistic Integrated Address at the Aspic (Association for the Psychological Development of the Individual and the Community) and I am a Certified Trainer by Points of You ™. The world has opened up to me. I found in my hands tools with which I could help people, get to know each other, acquire the awareness necessary to be happy and realize their projects, to become the person they wanted to be. Companies, seniors, teachers, families, teenagers, parents, I have listened to everyone's stories, discovering a particular satisfaction in helping women to understand how to make their incredible energy flourish, to realize dreams that seem magical as they are beautiful. And about women also talk about my books, in which I exercise my passion for writing, showing myself that dreams are really desires that must become reality.

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