What is Magic Mum’s Diary – Activity book for conscious pregnancy? A little ‘book, a little exercise book but above all a tool for personal growth to know yourself and deepen the various aspects of pregnancy, to live consciously the nine months of waiting. 

When I was pregnant, the emotions overwhelmed me like a river in flood. Every aspect of my life has started to change but having dealt with changes in time, thanks to the counseling, helped me to prepare for birth without wasting energy. I dreamed about my ideal life and I worked to make it happen. It was a challenging route but so full of discoveries, that I want to share them.

So I created the Magic Mum Diary, as a way to explore the feelings and emotions you experience in the incredible journey to motherhood.

Changes and contingencies characterize the gestation but you do not lose even a moment of this miraculous path. Take advantage to make this period of your life a transition to become a better human being, the higher version of yourself, the woman you are and the mother you want to be for your baby.

Be the protagonist, go into action, BUY THE BOOK!

A curiosity about me…

Maybe you do not know it but I’m greatly fond of writing. I write since I was 7 years old. I do it for me above all, for the pleasure of inventing stories or telling stories that I consider exciting. Then over time I felt the need to share this passion and a few years ago I published my first novel and a collection of short stories.

Why I am talking about that?

Because my stories often talk about women, their experiences, their feelings. So if you love reading you might like it or you could find yourself in them and have fun, losing yourself in the worlds that I love to summon because you do not lose memory. 

Have a look and if you have questions, write me.

My historical novel How the forest loves the river – History of a Resistance

The collection of storiesThe Tales of Corvino, spells from the Abruzzo Apennines



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