To be a Magic Mum

The Magic Mum counseling project was born from my belief that future mothers and new mothers should live the approach to motherhood with serenity, taking advantage of the special period of transition to improve their personal growth. This, for the well-being of the woman, who must be the mother who desires, and for the baby, who deserves a happy mother, also fulfilled in her personal ambitions.

If you feel the need to know yourself better as a mother and you like to be a successful woman, who realizes her own desides, the magic mum world is for you.

Thanks to the tools I have designed for you, you can manage the different areas of your life, achieving the results you dream, without neglecting the role of mother, indeed, you will learn to make the most of your energy, to finally be the person who you want to be.

To start

If you have not already done it, download the Magic Mum Diary for free. With simple introductory exercises you will have a taste of how, by exploring your resources, you can be the woman you dream of and the “magic” mother you want.

Take a look at other free resources, there may be something for you!

The Magic Mum Diary is also an activity book for conscious pregnancy. Find out more!

If you are waiting for a baby

If you are a newborn mother

If you want to have a free chat with me, clarify doubts or ask me questions

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