Magic Mum Project

Every mother has her spell to make her baby happy


  • Is the joy of motherhood attenuated by doubts, fears, the difficulty of managing new emotions?
  • Do you feel guilty about the things you overlook, you do not have enough time to reconcile home-children-family-work-partner-friends, but you do not know who and how to ask for help?
  • Would you like someone to talk about how you feel and that supports you in managing all these news?
  • Would you like to feel stronger, to measure yourself with the new role of mum without losing yourself, without neglecting anything important for you, conserving your energy?

How about thinking only about enjoying what should be one of the most beautiful periods of your life and letting go of your fears?

So you want to be a Magic Mum too?

My friends and clients have discovered with dismay that pregnancy is a time full of joy but also of great responsibility, changes, doubts and choices to make. Feeling filled with fears takes away energy that could instead be used to serenely live the most magical months of life without fears influencing us or the healthy growth of the child. 

Even I am trying the same, I am starting to understand even better what I am dealing with because I am going through it and I know how much the comparison, the listening and the management of emotions can help to fully live pregnancy and motherhood, feeling even better and protagonists of the miracle of life.

Do not undergo change, become a happy and fulfilled Magic Mum, aware of your power as a woman.

Thanks to the tools of counseling I understand that you can live your pregnancy without feeling alone. To realize that so many women have similar fears has given me security. Taking time for myself has made me more available to the partner and family members who are not always able to understand what changes within me. Working with emotions instead allows me to live them fully without pretending not to arouse concern in those around me. At the birth of the baby I looked back with sweetness, retracing these incredible months, remembering them with affection. Birth did not surprise me tired and confused but ready to give the best of me, putting at stake the resources identified and the best “spell” created especially for me and my baby.

I’d like you to try it anyway. This is why I created Magic Mum, so that I would have someone to confide in moments of discouragement to live everyday life with a new, lighter point of view, which prepares you for motherhood with the love and joy of a Magic Mum that feels inadequate.

Together we can:

  • Communicate new emotions better to your loved ones
  • Understand how not to give up your spaces
  • Manage your days with the arrival of the baby
  • Cultivate the relationship of constancy
  • Devote yourself to work and social relationships without guilt
  • Knowing how to ask for what you need without shame and with clarity
  • Accept the changing body and increasing responsibilities
  • Appreciate the fact that there is a new life that depends entirely on you but not because of this you can no longer be yourself

We all have a bag full of resources, the Magic Mum Bag, in which to look for the right spell, the magic formula that will make us discover the Magic Mum that is inside each of us. The happy mother and the realized woman that every child deserves.

Discover how to become a Magic Mum

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