Discovering your Magic Bag with Magic Mum

Do you want to discover if you are a Magic Mum and what’s in your Magic Bag? choose your gifts!

Who is Magic Mum? Magic Mum is a woman like you, already a mother or waiting for a baby, who wants to be a special mother for her son, present and loving, without having to sacrifice, career, femininity, social life and personal aspirations. 
Magic Mum has a Magic Bag full of resources, useful and unique tools that with a simple “spell” allow it to overcome the difficulties of motherhood with a smile on the lips and serenity in the heart. 
But a Magic Mum can’t always make the right decision, often needs to stop and listen to their emotions, their bodies and literally their stomach to understand what is best to do.

So if you would like:

  • Manage your days better
  • Understand how not to give up your spaces
  • Communicate new emotions better to your loved ones
  • Cultivate the relationship with constancy
  • Devote yourself to work and social relationships without guilt
  • Knowing how to ask for what you need without shame and with clarity
  • Accept the changing body and increasing responsibilities
  • Appreciate the fact that there is a new life that depends entirely on you but not because of this you can no longer be yourself
Discover the Magic Mum in you because every baby deserves his MAGIC MUM!

Here are some free resources for you that I thought to test you and experience what it means to be a Magic Mum.

Richiedi gratuitamente il Diario di Magic Mum

In the coming days I will send to your email some pages of the Magic Mum diary, an ebook to smile on the comic side of motherhood but above all to understand if you’re a Magic Mum or if you’d like to be, testing yourself with the exercises aimed at improving the different areas of your life.

If you already have children but your life is not exactly what you want to, download and do the TEST to find out on what to work, to have the life you dream of. I remind you that I have developed for you some Magic Mum courses to accompany you to discover the woman you want to be!

To focus your goals of the year, download the heart of Magic Mum, a reminder to pin all the wishes for 2018 to always carry them with you. From time to time you re-read what you wrote and reprogram your actions to achieve your goals.

Accept the challenge and download the checklist for women who never have time for themselves. Try to complete as many activities as possible and learn to take care of the special person you are.

For you a visual board page 1 and page 2 to download and print, that will record your mom’s dreams. Fill it out and always carry it with you. It will remind you that mother and woman you want to be also in times of difficulty.

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